2018 Wisconsin Biohealth Summit Marketing Kit:

Thank you for your partnership in the upcoming Wisconsin Biohealth Summit on October 9th at the Overture Center in Madison, WI. Please use the below materials and graphics when promoting the event. If you are in need of additional materials, copy, or have any questions, please reach out to Kate Rodgers at krodgers@bioforward. Thank you!

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Join us October 9th at the 2018 Wisconsin Biohealth Summit presented by BioForward to explore the evolution of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry and the emerging era of healthcare technologies.

BioForward’s Biohealth Summit provides a platform for Wisconsin to shine and boost our reputation as a world leader in integrated health solutions from bioscience and therapeutics to device/diagnostics and digital health. This Summit is about discovering the convergence of our many, diverse sectors of science, technology, and healthcare and learning about a future where health and technology intersect. Learn more about event programming, speaker announcements, and registration on the Summit website: www.wisconsinbiohealthsummit.org.

Event Description: Less than 100 Words

As medicine and technology continue to converge, the future of healthcare solutions is on the horizon presenting new opportunities, challenges, and shifts in today’s healthcare industry. BioForward Wisconsin’s annual summit features keynote and panel sessions highlighting emerging trends in this new healthcare revolution and brings together industry and academic experts with insight to these trends. Visit www.wisconsinbiohealthsummit.org for more information.

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    • We’re looking forward to the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit in October! Learn more about how the convergence of bioscience, medical device, manufacturing, engineering, and IT industries is leading a new generation of healthcare solutions. Learn more about this must-attend event and register now:
    • Be part of the exchange of ideas and resources, to grow your company and organization at the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit 2018. Join us in Madison, WI on October 9th for the biohealth event of the year! Find out more and register now!
    • Interested in the being at the forefront of a new generation of integrated healthcare solutions? Join us at the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit in Madison, WI on October 9th for the event that’s bringing together leaders from multiple industries to discuss the future of healthcare. Learn more & Register now:

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