Global Head of the AI Innovation Center


Dr. Iya Khalil is the Global Head of the AI Innovation Center at Novartis. She is a serial entrepreneur and AI pioneer with 20+ years of professional experience in AI and “Big Data” for Healthcare and Life Sciences.

She co-Founded two AI companies and is the co-inventor of the proprietary machine learning engine that underpins both entities. As an entrepreneur, she drove the success of her ventures by establishing and running key collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, foundations, payers, providers, and government agencies.

She has extensive experience in developing AI applications across the continuum of Pharmaceutical R&D to healthcare, including drug discovery, drug development, clinical trials, and real-world evidence and treatment algorithms for patients.

Named to the PharmaVOICE 100 list of the most inspiring people in the life sciences industry for abilities to build bridges across the life science and healthcare industries, and for bringing people together to harness the power of computational modeling to change the lives of patients.

She serves as an advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and is on the boards of the CropIn and the Scientific Advisory Board of Biocentury Innovations; the Board of Overseers at the Museum of Science, and the Advisory Board of the Convergence Forum. Appointed to the Massachusetts Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) Oversight Council by Governor Charlie Baker.

Dr. Khalil is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences and has appeared in several industry journals; published several peer-reviewed articles in the field; and was recognized by President Obama at a White House dinner as a leading entrepreneur in genomic medicine. She has been named to Inc magazine’s list of top female founders of 2018, as well as more recently in the Forbes 2019 top women-led startups “crushing tech.”