First Annual Biohealth Communications Presentation

In a world where misinformation is growing, we feel it is important for scientists to take a leadership role in their communities. Communication is key to that effort. If we do not have researchers willing to discuss their work and explain its importance to the public, then non-experts will fill the void.
Watch as the finalists of BioForward’s First Annual Biohealth Communication Competition, students and postdocs from around Wisconsin, flex their communication muscles while educating the biohealth industry about the important work they are doing.
BioForward knows that not only do we have incredible research going on throughout Wisconsin, but we also have dynamic and inspiring students ready to discuss their tranformational work.
Devesh Kumar Medical Student Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Medical College of Wisconsin
Ryan Adam Postdoctoral Fellow Physiology Medical College of Wisconsin
Erin Cygan Graduate Student Microbiology and Immunology Medical College of Wisconsin
Michelle Roberts Graduate Student Physiology Medical College of Wisconsin
Wasif Osmani Graduate Student Physiology Medical College of Wisconsin
Edna Chiang Graduate Student Bacteriology University of Wisconsin-Madison
Michael Jindra Graduate Student Chemical and Biological Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison
Seung-Yi Lee Graduate Student Biophysicis Medical College of Wisconsin
Daniel Webb Graduate Student Chemistry and Biochemistry University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Lishu He Graduate Student Pharmacology and Toxicology Medical College of Wisconsin