Awards designed by Tim Killinger Design LLC

Hector F. DeLuca Scientific Achievement Award

The award sculpture is inspired by Hector DeLuca’s life work with Vitamin D. It is an abstract of the scientific 2D molecular structure for Vitamin D. It is not meant to be a literal translation into 3D, but an artistic design cue in its ultimate form. When viewed from multiple angles, the “strands” that connect to the hexagrams in the 2D structure start to link and become more apparent to the eye. The overall visual complexity the 2D molecular structure creates is now simplified for the audience.

The materials used create the necessary contrast for the function of the award. The machined aluminum structure embodies the potential brand of this important award by allowing it to become easily recognizable in the science industry. The glass maintains the visual lightness and reduces the visual noise that would be created by other materials. The engraved inscription draws the viewers eye into the heart of the award. Hector DeLuca was the first recipient.

Wisconsin Biohealth Business Achievement Award

The award sculpture is inspired by the seed of invention and discovery. The center sphere is polished to represent the preciousness and the simplicity fo the seed. The inner wood circle cradles the seed as it would in nature, but is vulnerable enough to allow it to find gaps and grow. It represents human wisdom to protect the idea without suffocating it in a vacuum. The organic aluminum forms create a solid but malleable structure that allows the seed and cradle to be protected. This represents the business side of the sculpture.

The seed is strong and will find a way to stretch but not break this structure. Again, where there are gaps in business, the seed is protected by wisdom. Like the inner wood circle, the pedestal base wood material is the human wisdom that integrates its lines into the metal forms. This provides a platform for the inscription of the award recipient, the year received and the organization recognizing this important achievement.


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